Dalbeath Marsh

Dalbeath Marsh is a former quarry site immediately west of Cowdenbeath. There is a pleasant circular path running around the entire site that will take you both to the waters edge and to the top of the little hill (approx. 0.75 miles circular route). The site is a valuable resource for both local education and recreation with an interesting variety of wildlife.

As well as the open water the site includes interesting wetland and grassland with small pockets of woodland also. Notable wildlife includes Greater Tussock-sedge, Spotted and Marsh Orchids, and Greater Butterfly Orchids. The wide variety of sedges, grasses, aquatic and heath plants make the site particularly notable in Fife. As such it has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific interest (SSSI).

The small site car park can be reached by turning north off the B917 when travelling north after leaving Hill of Beath.