Kinglassie to Markinch

The Kinglassie to Markinch section of the route offers the chance to view and explore the area’s historic, natural and industrial landscape. Features of interest along the way include Kinglassie’s holy well, Markinch’s Stob Cross and the villages’ churches.

Kinglassie to Markinch - Balbirnie Estate

Markinch – a well-earned rest

Markinch was once a popular resting point for Medieval pilgrims on their way to St Andrews. Pilgrims may have lodged in the grounds of the Prior’s House, near to the church, or at a hostel close to modern day Thornton.

Many will have passed the Ancient Stobb Cross on their way to St Drostan’s church, where mass was regularly celebrated for pilgrims. Although the current building was remodelled in the 1500s, clues to its former appearance remain. Saint Drostan was a follower of Saint Columba, who was active in Aberdeenshire. It is believed that at one time, the old church may well have housed a relic associated with the saint.

If you would like to find out more about Markinch visit Markinch Heritage Group’s website.

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