Kingsbarns / Cambo Sands

This sandy beach, known locally as Kingsbarns Beach or Cambo Sands, stretches for 2 miles and is backed by extensive sand dune systems. It is an ideal area to relax and take in the beautiful coastal vistas.

Watch Out for Wildlife

If you wait quietly by a rock pool you may be rewarded as the inhabitants emerge from their hiding places among seaweed and stones. These shore crabs, hermit crabs, prawns, jelly-like sea anemones, starfish and small fish like Blennies. Then there are the slow moving limpets, periwinkles and dog whelks. Rockpools certainly are busy places and a wonderful way to spend some time on your visit.

On the seashore you will see the many different shore birds which come to feed on worms and molluscs like gulls, eider ducks, oystercatchers and redshanks.

The sand dunes at the beach are very important, providing food and cover for the insects and small birds that live or visit the beach. Sand dunes stabilise the beach and prevent coastal erosion. Please help to protect them by avoiding walking over the delicate coastal vegetation.

Kingsbarns are winners of a Keep Scotland Beautiful 2018 Beach Award.

Our ‘Fringe of Gold’ Beaches leaflet can be downloaded from the Resources section of our website.

Kingsbarns Beach Fife family with dog walking along beach